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(by member: mick79) 3 October 2007

Description: Some more or less complicated jazz riffs. Probably hard to jam with for other guitars but maybe some keyboard or drums w... (start your jam session)

(by member: Koch) 26 July 2007

Description: A jazz bass pattern for Jessi*! You can play it as a loop and jam on and on ... *Jessi is the best jazz singer in we... (start your jam session)

(by member: Saunders) 3 October 2007

Description: Complex drum/percussions loop (several drum tracks mixed together) for you to jam along. Have fun!... (start your jam session)

(by member: lander) 4 August 2007

Description: The drums of heaven start again to worship Michelle!... (start your jam session)

(by member: Saunders) 5 August 2007

Description: A night out, some jazz club at the lower east side, NYC, room full of cigarette smoke and a dizzy stage. Two drummers st... (start your jam session)

(by member: MusicTracker) 26 July 2007

Description: Some cool and faster jazz (bass) ... ... (start your jam session)

(by member: elieserdejesus) 31 December 2012

Description: a... (start your jam session)