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(by member: heppstux) 29 July 2008

Description: Flute with bamboo headjoint recorded inside a carve cave near pune, india... (start your jam session)

(by member: hugo2000) 16 August 2007

Description: I just want to see if it works, and if you want you can help me by playin something over it!... (start your jam session)

(by member: nickels) 1 March 2010

Description: Just a riff I made up a couple minutes ago... (start your jam session)

(by member: babelfish) 3 October 2007

Description: I experimented with new sound files I downloaded from the net and used them for my keyboard. Although it sounds more or ... (start your jam session)

(by member: kenhillmusic) 6 August 2007

Description: Interesting folk song I wrote, lets see what can be done with it!... (start your jam session)

(by member: mick79) 3 October 2007

Description: Acoustic guitar picking with chrods in the chorus part. My old friend Sandra asked me to play it for her ...... (start your jam session)

(by member: nickels) 18 April 2009

Description: Solo song, trying to interpret more instruments into it... (start your jam session)

(by member: Tobbe) 3 October 2007

Description: This song is just some acoustic riffs as a great base to jam along!... (start your jam session)