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(by member: Zookie) 3 October 2007

Description: A mix of several drum samples and some other background effects from a drum software. Groundwork for your jam session? P... (start your jam session)

(by member: SoundFX) 3 October 2007

Description: Drums, various Voices, Sound FX and some other noises compile that wonderful base for your channels.... (start your jam session)

(by member: babelfish) 26 July 2007

Description: Repeating keyboards to play in a loop.... (start your jam session)

(by member: Aristocrats99) 26 July 2007

Description: This first channel in the song project is a very mellow basis for your music improvisations. ... (start your jam session)

(by member: SoundFX) 25 July 2007

Description: Not a lot to say - just wanted to make a sound with that cool party FX in the background. Maybe, I will add some more ch... (start your jam session)

(by member: grandmaster_jam) 3 October 2007

Description: It all starts with monotone kyboard bleeps. But then gets a little mor complex with the time. But not too complex, of co... (start your jam session)

(by member: babelfish) 3 October 2007

Description: Imagine a rainy night ... driving through the city ... rain drops on the car windows ... the traffic lights are just blu... (start your jam session)

(by member: hitti38) 4 August 2007

Description: Melodictrance zugabe... (start your jam session)