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What's it all about? is the first jam session platform in the web.

On musicians from all over the world can start new song projects, beginning with the recording of their single instrument. Then other musicians can listen to that new song project (until now only existing of one instrument) and jam along from wherever they are, whatever instrument they play.

But not enough! When they think, they are “ready”, they themselves can record and add a music (channel) to the once started song project. Now we have already two instruments in that song (I think, you get the idea, right?)!

That way, we connect musicians from other locations and cultures/backgrounds and generate completely new, interesting and user generated music tracks! With musical influences from basically all over the world!

We also want to encourage you, to make weird stuff! You play the oboe? Cool, then add a channel to a drummer’s song! The completely new mixture, the crossing of musical genres will be exiting to you and others!

And with our Drag&Drop player, you can add and mute all single music channels from one song project while listening to it. Meaning: you can mix your favourite instruments together and get another completely individual song! Wow!

You don’t have to rehearse alone in the dark anymore! Jam together with musicians from all over the world and have fun experimenting with new music styles … even find new styles!

So spread the music and start jamming!


Watch the tutorial videos about how everything works!

How to publish your jam session recordings

How to use the free recording software

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How to start a new song project

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