The Idea behind

Hi Michael, you had the idea for What is it about?

Michael: is the one and only jam session platform in the web. The idea derived from the situation that practicing your instrument at home can be sometimes quite … boring. What a lot musicians then do is, they record some of their own playing, then listen to it and jam along. Okay, this can be nice for some time - but then you want other instruments to play along, get other inspirations and so on and so on. So we created a jam session platform, where musicians frompractically all over the world can upload their recordings of their instrument and publish it online to make it available to the jam session community!

What about playing in a band?

Michael: What about it? It's a cool thing, when you have the right people - but this is, what usually the problem is … or the singer is missing!

The singer is missing?

Michael: Yeah, I played in many bands, but singers were always scarce! Anyway, out on you can jam with many other instruments/singers and, as another very cool feature, with musicians from completely different genres. When have you, let's say, as a rock guitarist, have jammed with a classical oboist? The mixture is just inspiring!

Tell me, Mike, why should I do all that?

Michael: Well, at, you can get musical inspiration from other musicians from all over the world! And not enough, you can have a virtual jam session with these musicians from other genres and cultures you would otherwise never meet.

So what do I need to take part in the action?

Michael: It so easy! The only things you really need is

  • a computer (apparently you have that)
  • headphones (for listening to the other instruments)
  • a microphone (for recording your instrument)
  • a recording software (which you can get here for free!)

So, Mike, how does it exactly work?

Michael: Don't worry, you don't have to be a sound engineer to join our jam session world!

  1. browse our music projects
  2. download the channels you want to jam with
  3. set up you jam session with your recording software (please only record your instrument/vocals via line in)
  4. upload your channel to the project … or start/publish your own new project


Do I have to upload all my recordings? Do I have to record at all?

Michael: No, of course not. To be honest with you, not every jam session is worth recording! But is not a platform for music professionals - so be bold and publish your stuff. That makes it a lot more fun! And who knows, may be some freaky A&R (artist and repertoire, or "talent scout") will discover you!

What is behind the community?

Michael: I know, this sounds like "yet another community", … but it is for musicians, sound engineers, producers, … let's say, for more or less professional music people only. And hey, may be you want to know who you are jamming with! In real life (whatever that is nowadays) you usually go for a beer (okay, or a coffee) after a real jam session anyway. But that's kind of hard here - don't forget, you might be jamming with some music freaks from the other side of the globe, here!

How did you come up with the name "jambassador"?

Michael: The name is, as you have probably discovered, a combination of the words "jam" and "ambassador". We consider ourselves as the ambassadors of the jam session community! This community, at least as an offline community, is actually a very local club scene - we want to make it global!

Anything else, you want to say?

Michael: Hey musicians out there, listen up! Join, be bold and go live with your music and spread the word of peaceful jamming. Oh man! Sounds like the good old times from my dad! Oops, … may be we should cancel these last few words. Not sure whether he really wants to hear that!

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